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Worst soccer team in the world is down by a score of 0-114

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This number is a new world record and it's almost tragic. There were no such epic fails in the whole soccer history.

The record was set by the national team of Micronesia during the games of the Pacific Community in Papua New Guinea.

Micronesian guys played their first matches but the god of soccer wasn’t merciful to them. As a result the score of the match with Vanuatu was 0-46, with Fiji – 0-38, with Tahiti – 0-30. The whole score for hapless newcomers was 0-114. Guinness book of World Records is waiting for its new heroes!

Nevertheless, the manager of Micronesian soccer team Stan Foster is optimistic. He is assured that it is a good beginning for the further development of the team.

Meanwhile the soccer team of American Samoa can breathe easy. Now they are only number two in the list of worst soccer teams in the world.

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