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World of Warcraft: Legion – New Pack from Blizzard

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WoW still popular among gamers and Blizzard is trying to update the game supported at high class level.

World of Warcraft Legion / © Blizzard

World of Warcraft was popular a few years ago. Since that the popularity is declines and subscriber counter down every single month. But Blizzard don’t give up and plan to release new pack for game lovers.

Despite of this, new pack add new 110 level in game and new hero class – Demon Hunter. Not bad for scheduled update.

First of all BLizzard shows the teaser of new pack.

After the teaser, they shows some of the expansion pack’s new features:

Also Legion will introduce a new area called The Broken Isles whom consist from few of islands and their grouping to new “continent”.

Unfortunately Blizzard don’t tell release date but beta opens during this year.

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