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Watch the most honest trailer for Terminator 2

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In several hours before the first run of Terminator: Genisys you will see the most honest trailer for Terminator 2 and realize why this movie will remain unbeaten forever.

The first Terminator was an undoubted hit but Terminator 2: Judgement Day was streets ahead of it for many reasons. Surely, James Cameron had multiplied budget but that’s not the point. The second Terminator movie was an example of a masterful sequel and this is a good example for modern movies.

Instead of chewing the same story and giving the pip with cliched scenes, Cameron made a revolution. Blended special effects plus great acting plus nailbitting story and we have a sequel which ruins all action movie sequels after it.

It doesn’t mean to say that we can’t make some fun on it so watch the most honest and hilarious trailer for Terminator 2 right now!

Hope the Genisys will be half-size that good.

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