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Watch Mesmerizing Video of Soyuz Docking ISS

By Technology  • 1773 Views

This is a rather lasting procedure so we've also posted the animated GIF with Russian Soyuz docking ISS.

Soyuz docking ISS @/

There is nothing special or sensational in this video. Just a daily routine on Earth orbit, about 250 miles above the surface. But it looks so fantastic that even exciting docking scene from “Interstellar” cannot be compared with it. “Interstellar” is just a movie and here you see a reality.

This video of Soyuz docking ISS was shot November 1st 2013 during the relocation. It’s just undocking from the space station ISS from one port and docking to another port. Sounds like plugging your flash drive into another USB port but this plugging looks much more amazing!


If you need additional details, watch the full video:

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