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Watch brutal iPhone bullet test

By Technology  • 956 Views

You've surely heard stories where a smartphone saved its owner life stopping the bullet. This iPhone bullet test will show is it possible or not.

So here we have a bunch of iPhones plus some Chinese fake plus Samsung Galaxy. Also we have the most common killing machine in the world – AK-74.

The well-known YouTube filmmaker EverythingApplePro will make the complete iPhone bullet test and we will see if the smartphone’s case or Gorilla glass have any chance to stop a 5.45 bullet and save your life.

Oups! You need at least five iPhones to make the most smart body armor ever. And even it won’t save you from 12 gauge!

By the way, the toughest Nokia 3310 can be destroyed too as we see here and here. But mark that these guys use .50 cal and 20mm gun (not 5.45!) to get it over.

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