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Virtual sex has never been so real

By Technology  • 2023 Views

The market of smart sex devices, apps and services is growing day by day so we can't pass by virtual sex innovations.

The world where good old rumpy-pumpy is out of date may be closer than we’ve thought. Just look at these.

Durex Australian department is testing motorized underwear Fundawear which can stimulate essential areas being controlled by a mobile app.

Durex also launched app Durex SOS Condoms. This is a delivery service and you can get your condoms during an hour after the order. The service worked in Dubai only and it is closed now but the idea looks very rational.

Now let’s talk about more serious things. Nora and Max. The dildo and artificial vagina by Lovense. Both are completely controlled by apps for iOS and Android. They also have a function impossible for any human. You can synchronize vibrations and squeezes of devices with a music track!

Even more, Nora and Max can be synchronized with movies by VirtualRealPorn. These movies are made for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and other virtual reality headsets. Even without additional devices they look very real with their head tracking, binaural sound which provide serious degree of immersion.


Love Robots. They already exist! Smart sex dolls by RealDoll may look rather creepy now but nevertheless the company has already sold 5,000 of them! The new generation of such dolls named Realbotix will be able to blink, talk and has some AI. Due to the partner agreement with Hanson Robotics these new dolls will be very realistic.

Do you like such future?

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