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Unstoppable drill powered walking machine from nightmare

By Technology  • 1079 Views

2015 – the year of hoverboards, drones, androids and suddenly – a creepy hand-made walking machine powered by drill.

Meet Izzy Swan, a YouTuber whose channel is filled by DIY devices, many of them powered by drill. Don’t ask, why does he do it. It’s just a form of art and sometimes this art could be terrifying.

Swan’s last child is a walking machine inspired by steampunk devices from “Wild, Wild West” and, in some way, by kinky aliens from Carpenter’s “The thing”.

The creepy walker looks metallic but it’s made purely out of wood. It propelled by a 20-volt drill and can carry up to 370 pounds (167 kg). And it has so unsettling walking style that will make your skin crawl.

Luckily, the battery only lasts one mile, so you should be able to outrun this thing—though it will always catch you in your night terrors.

How could it be? Watch this video and tell me how:

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