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Two video from New Horizons show to us Pluto itself

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New horizons have done their job and are fly away from the Pluto to the Kuiper Belt. And we can only consider his photographs.

Pluto's surface / © New Horizons, NASA

Few saw Pluto so close. For nearly 80 years, we have seen only meager pictures small, white ball, and that’s thanks to the new horizons for the first time, we can see the Pluto surface so close and so detailed.

As you can see – nothing special. Mountains, plateaus and a little ice. That’s all the plutonium at the moment. At first glance, but in fact we are seeing valuable data on the geology of our solar system and the universe as well. It may not be so pathetic but it is very important to our science and future of universe exploring.

Let’s see.

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