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TV Report from 1996: Beware of Virtual Reality

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The virtual reality arrived in the middle 90s and it not only looked bizarre but was also considered as danger for health, mind and the future of humankind.

90's virtual reality headset90's virtual reality headset

I’m sure such warnings arrived any time when some new technology was launched. Beware of the internet, video games, TV, radio, books, wheels and stone axes!

This one was about early examples of virtual reality – bulky headsets and Doom-like games. The reporter and several experts warns that “extended exposure” of such experience can cause dizziness, nausea, and loss of coordination. Not frightened yet? Than listen to this:

“Most manufacturers warn players to take regular breaks, but experts say until legislation catches up with technology, it is up to each user to make sure their virtual experience does not become a real world nightmare.”


You know, maybe they were right in thing or two. Just look at this pixelated nightmare they called video games in 1996! Fortunately we have lived to see a second birth of virtual reality and now it doesn’t look so brutal like 20 years ago.

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