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TOP 10 Most Weird Cars Ever

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These weird cars require you to be brave and do not be afraid of ridicule but if you will manage to drive one of these you remember it for a long time!


Forget about masculine muscle cars, heavy SUVs and casual hatchbacks. Here we have least car-like cars you’ve ever seen. Really weird cars.

10. Honda Puyo


All you need to drive this car is a realization that XXI century has came so all cars must look like futuristic lifepods or soapboxes.


9. The Urbanina


It has four wheels, an engine and unique modular design. The possibility of switching out exteriors looked very unusual in 70s but unfortunately a very few people was happy to choose  if they drive the bathtub at monday and the wicker basket at tuesday.


8. Honda Fuya-Jo


With its powerful sound system Honda Fuya-Jo (jap. ‘Sleepless City’) was developed as a tiny party-car. It’s a shame we can’t see fleets of them after sunset!


7. Wienermobile


When we talk about weird cars we mean this one. A sausage-mobile! I wonder what would Sigmund Freud tell us about the owner if he saw this car?


6. Morgan 3-Wheeler


Morgan 3-Wheeler looks old. When you see this 40s styled fellow you understand what ‘diesel-punk’ exactly means.


5. Dodge Tomahawk


Is it a motorcycle who began to turn into car or a car which wants to be a motorcycle? Anyway, it looks so fantastic that even Batman would dream about it.


4. Renault Twizy


Twizy looks like a next step of evolution after Smart. It looks great. I even feel sorry for calling it weird.


3. Peel P50


Peel P50 became well known after its arrival in Top Gear. The most amazing feature of this vehicle is that they showed that Jeremy Clarkson could be squeezed in the extremely tiny space. Like a cat in a small box. Also P50 looks like a severed cab of the lory and it doesn’t have a reverse gear.


2. Nissan Pivo Two



Pivo Two would be a right choise if you prefer alien design and don’t mind that you will feel like a cartoon character.


1. Mazda Suitcase Car


Mazda Suitcase Car is an absolute winner in our TOP 10 most weird cars ever. It would be great if you can carry you car like a suitcase and travel anywhere with it. The only problem is when you want to use it you doesn’t feel you drive a car. You drive a suitcase!

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