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This Tiny Sweet Car named Messerschmitt

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History is ironic. In 40s it was a brand of deadly and powerful warplanes. In 50s Messerschmitt made the most awkward car you can imagine.

Messerschmitt kr200 /@

What do you usually imagine when you heard the name “Messerschmitt”. Something like this, don’t you?


But when those guys, who wasn’t respecters of equal rights for all races, had been defeated, they were punished in thousand different ways. Messerschmitt was punished in the most devious way. The maker of deadly warbirds, had to shift from warplanes to this:


“Kabinenroller” series of microcars. The second car from the right is KR200 model, produced from 1955 till 1964. Three wheels, 191 cc (11.7 cu in) single cylinder engine and motorcycle-like sound.

Meanwhile, people on the other side of Atlantic ocean drove cars a little smaller than average apartment in Tokyo:


Feel the difference! Now If you think that Trabant was a violation of human dignity, than imagine yourself in KR200 trying to pick up a girl in LA.

There were a bunch of different models of Messerschmitt KRs, TGs and FMR models. Each one smaller than another. They were vanished after 1960s.

However, these microcars are popular amongst collectors. You can meet these tiny fellows on different shows and even on the road.

Have a nice ride!

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