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The worst special effects from movies collected in one video

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CGI was a miracle in many movies since 80s. At the same it could be a real curse and here we have a nice collection of the worst special effects.

Wow-effect of the first examples of CGI persuaded many filmmakers that this is their obligation – to thrust computer generated models and effects everywhere in their movies. It was especially noticeable in 90s because of imperfection of the technology. Different sharks, aliens, robots and monsters – all them looked like plastic bath toys.

Even brilliant movies like Star Wars, Jaws or Robocop suffered of it. Fortunately, it didn’t ruin these titles.

Modern CGI look much better but, to be honest, its stranglehold in movies is irritating too.

This collection of the worst special effects by World Wide Interweb is so bad that you can even feel some perverse pleasure watching it. Please, enjoy:

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