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The Most Badass Deadpool Trailer

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The upcoming Deadpool movie will be full of violence, swearing and black humor. All these in the new Deadpool trailer!

Deadpool /@

We all know why even those who hate all this Hollywood superhero pandemonium of the last 10-15 years are waiting for the new Deadpool movie. Not because Wade Wilson is a brutal former Special Forces operative turned mercenary. And not because of his superpowers or dark red costume. And not because the story of revenge.

We all are waiting for it because Deadpool is extremely humorous and quick on the draw son of a bitch with really sick jokes. You can hate me but all Marvel horde of super-anybody look pale in comparison with this guy. Ok, maybe except for Joker.

It’s time to some black, twisted humor and a hurricane of body parts in the new Deadpool trailer:

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