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Tesla Model 3 will be not just a model in lineup

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The upcoming Tesla Model 3 is still in the production stage but already around circulated huge amount of rumors about design, price and date release.

Tesla Model 3 / © Google Image

Because this model so long time awaited. And Tesla CTO JB Straubel get more light about Tesla Model 3 at the conference in Washington today.

So at start the model was positioned as a key element in moving away from the image of the manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles only. And Elon Musk promise that this Model 3 can ride about 200 mile per one charge and will cost about $35.000. Not bad, yes?

Straubel said not so much but by his words Tesla Model 3 will be not only sedan – they planning also release crossover under one name and both (or maybe more) models will be a lighter version of Model S. Release date no so clear but someday in 2017 if they never shift date again like in Model X. I have only one question: if they planning to release sedan and crossover how about station wagon version?

Also Straubel said that deliver of Model X to customer will be near at the end of this year.

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