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Stunning Fan-made VR Experience in Star Wars Universe

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This video of the Star Wars project by HammerheadVR is so good that Lucas Films insisted on scrubbing it from Vimeo. Fortunately, we have a YouTube version.

Star Wars in VR /@

The video on YouTube doesn’t have sound (the sound track was cut due to the request of Lucas Films) but it’s still looks impressive.

HammerheadVR used Unreal Engine 4 to put you in the most well-known battles from Star Wars. You can see the attack on Death Star from the cockpit of X-Wing, fight AT-ATs during the battle for Hoth, sitting inside T-47 airspeeder, and race 74-Z speeder bike in the forests of Endor.

All it looks not only nostalgically for any fan of the franchise. It looks like the best video game in Star Wars universe. Just imagine this stunning graphics and effects not on a common display but in Oculus Rift headset with full immersion!

That’s what guys from HammerheadVR are making: their own VR version of Star Wars set. And it can be launched at the end of this year!

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