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Space Lettuce from ISS And You Can Eat It

By Science  • 872 Views

One day we will be able to feed billions of people with food grown in space. In the meantime - the first successful experiment.

Space lettuce from ISS / © NASA

Today NASA posted in YouTube one video that shows Expedition 44 astronauts Scott Kelly, Kjell Lindgren, and Kimiya Yui toasting some of their crop of lettuce before eating it. This is an awesome moment because this experiment proves that people can grow complex plants directly in weightlessness.

They use “Veggie” plant growth system, the first fresh food production system in space. Veggie (actual had name Veg-01) is a collapsible, expandable unit that uses three ( red, blue, and green) LEDs to growing plants.

This experiment opens with space lettuce shows the way for further experiments in growing food in space, and proves that long-distance flights, we have the ability to grow food during the flight, reducing the weight of the space ships.

Let’s see this awesome moment.

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