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Sounds of Evil: Testing Extra-Rare Soviet Polivox Synthesizer

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They had their own world of electronic music behind the iron curtain. Polivox synthesizer from 1980s is a beautiful example of bold soviet sound.

Polivox synth in a studio /@

Only a few professional musicians know about electronic music in USSR. “Bloody communists” really played not only marches to the strains of tank tracks rattling. There were many enthusiasts who experimented with sound, creating their own vision of Industrial, Ambient and Synthpop.

Surely, they had no access to Moog, Korg or Roland production, so they had to use the hardware that was in touch. Like this analog duophonic Polivox synthesizer with surprisingly nice sound. One of these extra-rare machines had been found and tested by guys from RetroSound YouTube channel:

And here we have demo tracks. Some of them really groove!

If the Polivox synthesizer looks like a common synth from 1980s, than this steampunk-style machine is really mind-blowing! This is ANS synth from 1958. Soviet too.


And this is how it sounds. ANS sends greetings to Brian Eno and his Ambient compositions! You’ve definitely heard these sounds if you watched any film by Andrei Tarkovskiy. “Stalker” or “Solyaris“, for example.

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