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Sound of this tortilla record is fresh

By Technology  • 868 Views

People like to talk about good old warm sound of shellacs. With this tortilla record it's time to talk about yummy sound!

The talented Redditor UpgradeTech managed to make a tortilla play music.

He used a laser cutter on an uncooked tortilla to turn it into a something like shellac. You’d think that sound must be awful but it appeared to be rather fine.

The secret is in the type of food. Cooked tortillas tend to shred a bit and corn tortillas are too lumpy so UpgradeTech used an uncooked one.

In an  Instructables post he explained how to make your own tortilla record. Now it’s time to make an edible 12-inch record instead of actual the 7-inch 78 rpm one.

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