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ShowHawk Duo: Dance Hits on Acoustic Guitars

By Culture  • 1036 Views

Guys from ShowHawk Duo make something unbelievable with two acoustic guitars at Tron Kirk Edinburgh 2013.

ShowHawk Duo @/

This is strange that we haven’t heard them before. This guys show that if you have a talent you can do everything with a common acoustic guitar.

Two years ago ShowHawk Duo performed at Tron Kirk Edinburgh during the festival of 2013. The crowd there surely knew the secret of these guys but we were shocked. They just sat there with their acoustic guitars and played EDM hits one by one: The Anthem by Tiesto, Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation, Sandstorm by Darude and several others. Also they played Bohemian Rhapsody and Don’t Stop me now by Queen.

Watch other performances of this guys on their YouTube channel. They can play anything on their 6 strings: from trance and house to techno and dubstep!

We need to have an eye out for ShowHawk Duo. They know how to surprise!

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