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“Second Earth” stunning Russian sci-fi movie with $7000 budget

By Culture  • 1458 Views

Yes, yes, you heard right. This is a complete science fiction film with a budget of $ 7000 made by Russian enthusiasts.

"Second Eart" screen from trailer / © One Side Media

Again – this is second trailer of Russian sci-fi movie “Second Earth” and whole movie had a $7000 budget. Impressive,huh?

The plot of this movie is very interesting. In our solar system have planet similar to our Earth. On this planet live human beings very similar to us but with a much higher level of mental development.

Representatives of the “second Earth” from time to time arrive at the “first Earth” for people for research and natural resources. The plot of the film is to begin from the time when the astronauts from our Earth accidentally find a nearby planet “Second Earth”.

So. Impressive budget, stunning graphics for this budget, very interesting plot and independent view. I guess it will be very interesting movie.

Let’s see the trailer.

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