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Satanic Temple installed Baphomet Statue in Detroit

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Maybe this is a coincidence but one of the most grim US cities is a right place to hail the Prince of Evil. This Baphomet statue is in the right place.

Baphomet statue in Detroit @/

The Satanic Temple initially wanted to install this statue in Oklahoma, next to a monument to the 10 Commandments. But the evil forces had already found the best place for it.

The 9-foot-tall, one-ton Baphomet statue was installed inside the industrial building near the Detroit River. There were some hundreds of visitors and they were happy yelling “Hail Satan”.

There were also about 50 christian protesters and they were not so happy but they just don’t understand the irony of the situation.

The most depressive city in US, one of the most criminal places in the country, the place people leave thousands every year and entire blocks look like a spooky ghost town. What statue should stand in Detroit? Jesus? Buddha? Surely not. Our goat headed fellow is the best symbol of the city. Or General Motors. Or they both.

Also the Satanic Temple and the Baphomet statue are nice symbols of the freedom of conscience. Everyone have a right to go bats in his own fashion.

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