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Samsung plans more Tizen phones later this year

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If you tired to choose between Android or iOS maybe one of these Tizen phones your next choice?

One of the Samsung Tizen phones / ©

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker on the market and their fear of being too dependent on Google with their Android is understandable and that’s why they planning own Tizen phones.

How old unnamed source in Korean giant they have plans to release more Tizen phones later this year and all looks seems not only for emergency markets. Good news.

Unfortunately that’s all the news from the source. Neither the exact date of start, no technical specifications or even the model name.

Let me remind you that Samsung has already released the Z1 smartphone on OS Tizen for markets India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where the unit has not quite poor sales. For example in Bangladesh the Z1 are the best selling smartphone in January-March.

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