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Russian Teachers Make Crazy Dance on September First

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On September 1 in Russian schools has a tradition - made some interesting things from teachers. And this Russian teachers make crazy dance for everyone.

Russian teachers dancing on september first / ©

Russian teachers make crazy dance not every day. This is tradition and they make things like this only on special occasions. Like the September First holliday. In this day all students go to school in first time in new year and this is really party in Russia.

So, this awesome dance was made under the “Never can tell” song from Pulp Fiction and they do this dance not so bad for non proffi. So, lets see this dance!

Танец учителей в школе №4 города Краснознаменска Московской области.#Краснознаменск #Флешмоб #Учителя #деньЗнаний #1сентября #Подмосковье #НашеПодмосковье

Posted by Михаил Сапунов on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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