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Russia Wants to Build Own Internet System

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Again. Russia pro-government business prepare conceptions of "independent system like internet" which will force local IT business to make better soft and equipment. Ohhh.

St.Basil cathedral on Red Square, Moscow / ©

Russian independent media source “Meduza”(jellyfish) post information based on hackers group “Humpty Dumpty” data. In this post says that pro-government business like head of cluster analysis and spatial development of Vnesheconombank (VEB), Sergei Hansa; CIO of “RusHydro” Harald Bandurin and a few other persons debate conceptions of “independent system like internet” or simply own internet system.

Main goal of this conceptions are push local business to make better software and hardware for internet systems and avoid domination of western suppliers on the local market.

Also they afraid to lose control under national segment and want do this control much easier for them.

At this moment this is just conceptions which will be reported to Putin later in this year. Well, see what they do later and really the planning to build own internet system.

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