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Python Script Won Thousand Prizes in Twitter

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Sometimes you make scripts only for curiosity or you wanna check some inspirations about social networking. Why not?

Prizes won in twitter by Phyton bot / ©

Programmer Scott Hunter from Schaumburg, United States, wrote a program that for the first nine months of the automatic mode has participated in approximately 165 thousand tenders tweeted. At the same time about a thousand cases, bot wins draws, writes the author of the program on its website.

Written in Python script to authenticate on Twitter and look for messages in a different form type “retweet to participate in the lottery.” Author bot noted that the method of trial and error, he found the unspoken restrictions imposed by Twitter on the number of read and repost microblogging. For example, the number of read microblogging account with a few hundred followers can not exceed two thousand. Therefore, to participate in competitions where a prerequisite has subscription microblog organizer script used queue (FIFO): the program checks whether the competition ended at the first of the 2,000 accounts in the list to read, and if the subscription was already irrelevant, bot unsubscribe old microblog and signed a new one.

A full list of prizes that could win the script published on the website of the author. It is also a programmer eventually modified the code to the script began to retweet a message asking for donations to charity.

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