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Nexus 5X Some Tech Specification Prior Official Launch

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Upcoming Nexus 5 successor - Nexus 5X, have interesting specifications and price range.

Nexus 5X press render / © Google

Tomorrow Google plan the event where they present two upcoming models – Nexus 5X from LG and Nexus 6P from Huawei.

The Nexus 5X, also has the H790 model number, is to support GSM bands 850 and 1900; W-CDMA bands 2, 4, and 5; CMDA bands 0, 1, and 10; and LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, and 41. There’s also a second model with the H791 which supports almost all of the same bands, expect for LTE bands 12, 13, and 25.

Also confirms the Nexus 5X’s 5.2-inch display, and measures 146.9mm tall and 72.5mm wide. H791 model also appears to offer wireless charging, but the H790 does not. So it’s not totally clear the Nexus 5X will offer this feature.

And about price: Nexus 5X will start at $379 for the 16GB version. Not so bad for upcoming little Google flagship.

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