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New Iron Maiden Video Shows History of Video Games

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Iron Maiden's undead mascot Eddie the Head takes a trip through video game history in 'Speed of Light', the band's first new single in five years.

It is a satisfaction to know that the oldest heavy metal band is still running. Veterans are full of energy and have no objection to play video games.

In the new ‘Speed of Light’ video their Eddie the Head, whose shiny smile you could see on any Iron Maiden’s cover since 1980, travels through video games history. It looks nostalgic, a bit careless and fires up as always.

‘Speed of light’ is the first track from the new album ‘The Book of Souls’ which will arrive September 4th this year.

By the way, fans should remember this is not the first time when Eddie the Head plays video games. In 1999 the band launched the playable video named ‘Ed Hunter’ dedicated to their greatest hits.


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