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Microsoft offers to buy MacBook Air in The Verge review

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Many strange things happens in our lives. But I never see before when Microsoft offers to buy MacBook Air in site review.

Microsoft offer to buy MacBook Air / © The Verge

Yes, I’m understand that fair play is right choice and when you sign sponsorship contract may happen to anything you like. And this is normal, I guess.

So, The Verge release review under “THE BEST LAPTOP YOU CAN BUY” headline where they compare some middle-class laptops and gave them point in different categories and this is OK. Also OK that winner of this competition will MacBook Air 13′ (2015), I use this version and this is really good laptop for regular use.

The strange thing in the other: the sponsor of this section is represented by Microsoft competing product Microsoft Surface tablet. Very strange combination, right?

Again – this is very strange combination (Microsoft offers me by MacBook) but I think this is cool. Ten points from ten goes to The Verge for fair review and twelve points from ten goes to Microsoft for iron balls. They are not afraid to advertise own competitor. Bravo!

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