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McLaren MP4-X Fresh Look On the Future of F1

By Car  • 2343 Views

I'll be honest - this McLaren MP4-X more like the TIE fighter from Star Wars than racing car. But this vehicle still looks very interesting and some sexy, you know.

This awesome concept car have McLaren MP4-X name and show how McLaren Group vision the future F1 car. Slim sidepods, cockpit canopy and solar panels make this vehicle closer to starfighter rather than racing car.

Inside in this we can find couple modern things in cooperation with old time classic like hybrid engine and solar panel for in race recharging. Also canopy with integrated OLED panels for driver information and adaptive coating to external light. And finally McLaren MP4-X have adaptive aerodynamics which change wing angle when car go through turns and minimize it when he fly on straight.

Let’s hear the McLaren Technology Group’s Group Brand Director John Allert:

We have combined a number of F1’s key ingredients – speed, excitement and performance, with the sport’s emerging narratives – such as enclosed cockpits to enhance driver safety, and hybrid power technologies.

Formula 1 is the ultimate gladiatorial sport, and the future we envisage will be a high tech, high performance showcase that excites fans like no other sport.

Very interesting project. Maybe not in the near future but not so distant, I hope, we can see so technology car in F1. Or maybe some part of this high technology concept will be released step by step in next McLaren F1 cars? We’ll see how it would be.

And finally short video about concept car.

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