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Masterful Michael Jackson covers by Bence Peter

By Culture  • 2007 Views

Bence Peter known as the fastest pianist in the world plays Jackson's "Bad", "Thriller" and other covers. It sounds amazing!

He plays with his whole body and soul. His absolute Guinness record (765 piano hits in one minute) is only a tip of the iceberg. 23-year-old Bence Peter is much more than just a fastest pianist in the world.

We’ve collected YouTube videos where Bence plays covers of different songs by Michael Jackson. It’s a pity that Michael can’t listen them anymore. He would be amazed!

By the way, Bence Peter is amazed too. He said he didn’t expect such popularity of this videos.

Here we have other the original video of Bence’s Guinness record and several other performances of the young musician.

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