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Lexus Russia Shows Hoverboard Before Release Day

By Technology  • 1516 Views

We all have been dreaming about hoverboard from Back to the Future movie and now Lexus has promised to show us the real prototype.

Lexus Hoverboard / © Lexus Russia

Hoverboard is almost the same as a skateboard but without wheels and it flies over the ground at a minimum height. As we posted few days ago, Lexus promised to show us the real prototype hoverboard and even build special skate park in Barcelona.

It is no coincidence the action takes place in a special skate park. I think, under the cover of the park has a special coating Magnin, interacting with whom hoverboard can fly. That is not such a device to drive anywhere. Perhaps just yet.

Well, Lexus Russia shows hoverboard before release day so let’s see this video.

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