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iPhone 7 Rumors We Collected In One Place

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At the end of the year a lot rumors about upcoming iPhone model - iPhone 7 - starting circulate on the market. Let's make clear in this stuff.

Possible view of iPhone 7 / © Google Images

Today we even don’t know iPhone 7 date release but rumors, as usual, circulated about upcoming Apple flagship. So, we collected best and plausible of them in one place and let’s talk about five of them in this article.

1. Much thinner design

Yes, iPhone 6S are 7.1 – 7.3mm thin and this is already so slim what we can’t imagine how it would be more thinner. But some reports says that Apple planning to release iPhone 7 device between 6.0 – 6.5mm thin. Amazing numbers but really they can do it? For example, how they planning increase battery life with these extremely thin body? I’ll be honest, I don’t know. Maybe they have magic stick which fulfills all wishes?

2. 3.5mm headphone socket

They just have to take this step if they want to make a really thin body of their smartphone. Because the existing connector does not allow them to reduce the body they will be forced to switch to the Lightning connector, as we have already mentioned.

3. iPhone 7 waterproof design

Why not? We all remember bendgate and more strong body will be the much popular function. Another rumors also said that Apple works under new guard system that prevent damaging of iPhone when he fall on the floor or protect opened ports via electronically controlled shutters.

4. Wireless charging in iPhone 7

Even Apple’s competitors already offer devices with wireless charging, and only the guys from Cupertino are waiting for something. Maybe they wait until the technology can operate over long distances? Or they just do not see much sense in this? But now rumors say that the guys from Apple decided to take this step. Thats good. It’s time to see this feature in new iPhone 7.

5. On screen fingerprint scanner

Some sources said that Apple thinks to place fingertip scanner directly on the device screen. Yes, you read right: directly on screen device. We don’t know exactly how it would be released, but with modern development of screen technology and software upgrade that does not look particularly big problem.

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