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Infographics: How Star Wars Influence on TV and Cinema

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The library stock photos and video Shutterstock and Pop Chart Lab published infographic, which showed the influence of the trilogy "Star Wars" on the ensuing films and serials.

How 'Star Wars' influence on TV and cinema / © Shutterstock and Pop Chart Lab

The graph shows not only the main characters of the trilogy and personifies them Valais, but also the elements of the story, design and technical aspects, which have played an important role in the formation of future cinema. This, in particular, work with the studio Industrial Light and Magic, to create a series of three films, the aesthetics of “future imperfect” and much more.

For example: the strong female badass Princess Leia was the inspiration for these characters like Trinity from Matrix, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, LeeLoo from The Fifth Element, Sarah Connor from Terminator and even more.

Obviously Star Wars influence on TV and cinema so high than we can’t imagine current SCI-FI movies and TV shows without it.

Look the full image by the link.

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