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How Watermelons Changed Other the Years

By Science  • 914 Views

Do you love watermelons? Yes? Do you know what they looked totally different when we can see it now?

Watermelon in XVII century / © Giovanni Stanchi

Professor James Nienhuis from the Faculty of the University of Wisconsin crop uses a picture of the XVII century, to show students how selection has changed watermelons for last 350 years.

It is the work of Italian artist Giovanni Stanchi, which he wrote between 1645 and 1672 years.

Watermelons in this picture – in the lower right corner. And they do not like what we are used to seeing them.

Watermelons came into Europe from Africa and presumably accustomed to local gardens in the early XVII century. Professor Nienhuis believes that the old watermelon were as sweet as the current. Appearance berries varied during the selection: the person did so to increase the amount of lycopene – the substance that gives the red color of watermelon flesh.

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