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HitchBot Was Attacked by Vandals in Philadelphia

By Technology  • 867 Views

HitchBot is a nice hitchhiker robot who want to make trip thru USA from East coast to West relying solely on the support of people.

HichBot in USA / © Official HichBot video

Robot hitchhiker HitchBOT finished the journey in America in two weeks after it began. Philadelphia unknown damaged robot torso and severed his head. On termination of the trip robot he tweeted. Also in social networks there were pictures of the damaged robot hitchhiker.

The robot travels hitchhiking on a predetermined route, relying only on the help of strangers. HitchBOT can not walk, so he says aloud encountered people that it needs to be put in the car and ride as close as possible to the next step of the route, at the same time while traveling robot is trying to maintain communication with the driver. With the device communicating via the mobile Internet, while traveling HitchBOT takes pictures and post messages in social networks.

Very, very sad news. HitchBOT so nice robot and those vandals made a very bad reputation not only for Philadelphia itself.

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