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Guide by all the Terminators version from T-1 to T-3000

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If you fan of Terminator franchise you may know all of this cyborgs. But for those who know them badly this guide are must see video.

Terminator T-800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger

I warned immediately that this video had spoilers and if you do not want to disclose them to see the new Terminator – it is better not to watch the video.

Most of all know two cyborgs from Terminator: T-800 (Arnie) and T-1000 (from liquid metal), but models of Terminators more than fifteen. All of these you can see in video below.

You can see famous first Terminator T-1, this simple and ugly robot with two mini-guns. And also newest T-3000 model which appear only in the new Terminator Genisys.

Very useful guide.

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