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French Swincar Can Drive over Anything

By Technology  • 1113 Views

It looks like a spider and it moves in the same way. Tiny and funny "swincar" makes any SUV to bite the dust.

Swincar conquers the stone /@

Even as a prototype this car look stylish. No wonder – it’s made in France.

However we didn’t think the design wan number one for the developers of the Swincar. It has much more interesting secrets which make it unique: independent suspension and a motor for each of its four wheels.

The tilting technology inside the car allows each axel arm and wheel to work independently, so the Swincar can easily and comfortable traverse deep ditches, move along slopes and get across big boulders. Oh, it’s also electric!

Developers are proud for their child:

After many years of research, reflections, essays and developments, we are now ready to involve you in our adventure… It will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of walking in the mountains, in forests, in fields or along the beach enjoying the fresh air, the sound of the wind, waves or birds without noise or air pollution.

Any SUV maker should kick himself after watching this video:

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