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First trailer of upcoming Steve Jobs movie

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Another one biopic Steve Jobs movie from Universal Studios will tell to us another point of view on Steve's life.

Trailer of Steve Jobs movie / © Universal Studios, YouTube

Another one Steve Jobs movie. Now from Universal with Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin as screenwriter and directed by Dannie Boyle.

This Steve Jobs movie tell us three stories from different times from Steve life: when he will prepared to introduce original Macintosh from 1984, NEXT computer and iMac from 1998.

By my opinion this trailer shows Michael Fassbender who tell some screen text and nothing more. No playing, no sympathy, no historical identification. I don’t see all of this in this trailer. Maybe I’m wrong, but now it’s don’t look like closer to real life.

I hope that the next trailers show us more reliability.

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