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Final Spectre Trailer Arrive Month Before Film Premiere

By Culture  • 846 Views

Upcoming James Bond will be final for Daniel Craig and producers decided to come back to the Spectre theme.

James Bond "Spectre" trailer / © MGM

In final Spectre trailer we can see many interesting moments. For example – fallen buildings, helicopters and planes. “Pleasant” talking with Christoph Waltz (who portrait main antagonist) and many explosions in London and other locations.

This film will be end of trilogy which include “Quantom of Solance”, “Skyfall” and “Spectre” were Bond try to find himself in new reality and against new enemy.

Final Spectre trailer reveals to us the story of the film but keeps the intrigue hidden from our eyes.

The film is released on October 26 in the UK, November 6 in the US.

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