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Do and Survive: 166-foot Truck Jump and Parallel Parking

By Car  • 1378 Views

He is a daredevil but the very careful one. After he had broken his own record with this crazy jump he just parked his truck with one move.

166-foot truck jump at Evel Knievel Days @/

His name is Greg Godfrey and he became the star of the Evel Knievel Days, an extreme sports festival in Butte, Montana. They do different stunts on bikes and cars but the most American event here is a truck jump.

Just imagine. Last Friday Greg shattered the world record performing the whopping 166-foot semi truck jump in front of ecstatic crowd.

He set his first record in 2008 with a 50-foot truck jump. It looked unbelievable at that time. Then Godfrey jumped at 83 feet and 7 inches in 2014. Several days ago he blew or minds with his last performance. After his truck flew these 166 feet, Greg made a perfect parallel parking job!

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