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Dirt Bike Surfing: in the Name of Craziness

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You like bikes and waves? Your life is too easy? Your balls are made of steel? Try dirt bike surfing!

Dirt bike surfing on Tahiti /@

First time you could think it’s a fake. But it’s not. This bike was really upgraded for DC Shoes and it is really able to ride waves! Wakeboarding, surfing, water ski and all possible skateboard stunts look pale in comparison with dirt bike surfing.

The process of riding may look easy, but don’t forget who drives it. The only person who can saddle up this amphibious bike is Australian stunt rider Robbie Maddison, who filled in for James Bond in “Skyfall” chase sequence.

This time he performed amazing dirt bike surfing show in Tahiti to film the four-minute video. Maybe it is short but DC Shoes is already promising to release a behind-the-scenes film.

So let’s look at this miracle!

DC Shoes also made a bunch of pictures with Maddison’s wave stunts:

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