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Boeing 757 Landing in Antarctica On Ice For The First Time

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Can you imagine when huge Boeing 757 Landing in Antarctica just on ice runaway for the first time for commercial purpose. That's great impact for civil aviation.

Boeing 757 in Antarctica / © Tim Hewette / ALE

One of the few places on Earth where you can not fly just booking the ticket – Antarctica. No one airlines flight to South Pole and this Boeing 757 landing in Antarctica is real breakthrough for the modern age.

The main problem for landing in this region – there is no classical airports with concrete runaway. Just long lines from pressed snow which falls all time and which people was formed blue ice runaway for cargo airplanes such as Russians IL-76.

And this Boeing 757 landing in Antarctica for the first time with commercial purpose. Landing was on an Antarctic locations such as Union Glacier it’s big challange for Icelandic airline Loftleidir but they do this challenge on five star rating!

This flight “was undertaken to prove the feasibility of landing commercial passenger airliners at Union Glacier,” the airline said.

“ALE is researching the potential for utilizing conventional passenger airliners in addition to passenger/cargo combination aircraft,” according to a blog post from ALE subsidiary Adventure Network International. “The Boeing 757-200 ER, fitted with 62 business class seats, will enhance passenger comfort yet maintain the safety of ALE’s activities and aircraft resources.”

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