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Astronomer Makes Music with Harmonies of Eclipsing Stars

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The track called “Awkward Keystrokes of Y Cam” is a duet of piano with pulsations of stars turned into musical chords by audio software.

Take notice that it sounds rather creepy as expected of the cold infinity of the universe.

Burak Ulaş, an astronomer at Turkey’s Izmir Turk College Planetarium is agreed with Pythagor and Kepler, who considered the harmony of the universe as a sort of music.

Burak used the sound software Audacity to covert four frequencies of eclipsing stars of binary system Y Cam A into musical chords, giving them a sort of layered theremin eeriness.

The whole procedure can be summarized as converting the oscillation phenomenon seen on the primary component of Y Cam to a musical instrument which plays its unique chord on various notes.

The piano part was recorded separately.

This is how piano and Y Cam parts look in a sheet music.


This is how the full track “Awkward Keystrokes of Y Cam” sounds:

Burak Ulaş is not the only person who use acoustic waves of stars to create music. You should also google Zoltán Kolláth or Jenő Keuler’s Stellar Music Project.

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