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Artist Pictured Star Wars Heroes on Vacation

By Culture  • 1009 Views

Artist Kyle Hagey made a series of portraits picturing Star Wars heroes on vacation in a galaxy far, far away.

Whoever you are, you need a rest. It’s unfair that most of iconic Star Wars characters have never been on vacation. Emperor is working hard to smash rebel scum, Yoda is sitting in his swamp on Dagoba and Luke is saving the galaxy.

With such thoughts Kyle Hagey created posters with Star Wars heroes on vacation on his Etsy page.

Even some minor characters can rest from shooting and dying here. I mean droids and stormtroopers.



Good old green Yoda also a right have to sniff flowers on a balcony.


C3PO is also here.


Even Dark Lord prefers to have a good time with a cup of tea instead of crushing this cup with the Force.


The only thing I can’t understand is the way how Darth is sipping his tea with that blues harp on his mouth.

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