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Arnold Schwarzenegger made a hilarious promo for upcoming Terminator movie

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Upcoming Terminator Genisys movie will be reboot of classic Terminators films and Arnie made a hilarious promo where he don't be afraid to be funny.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in promo video Teminator Genisys / © YouTube

Arnie are great! In this promo video he have dress and makeup like Terminator T-800 from legendary first Terminator movie and he goes to walk down to LA streets and talk to people in this guise.

After that he meet street actor who portrait same T-800 role and had a little conversation with him. And finally he came to in Wax Museum and pretended one of them, scaring visitors. They sacry a lot but after had a selfie with Arnie in T-800 epic role.

In one word – great video! You must see it.

And – Arnold Schwarzenegger still the best!

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