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Apple Remove Headphone Socket From Upcoming iPhone 7

By Technology  • 1168 Views

Apple wants to make upcoming iPhone 7 more thinner than ever and remove headphone socket is one of the better decision.

Apple iPhone 6s / © Apple

According some rumors, Apple planning to remove headphone socket from upcoming iPhone 7 try to made most thinner smartphone in company history.

Today when, trends on smartphone market try to be bigger screen size and also thinner body of devices are very important for vendors. And 3.5mm headphone socket already to big for future phones and maybe Apple try to make it’s thinner just remove so big whole.

What are the options for Apple? The are two for them.

Plan A. Change the headphone socket 3.5mm thin to headphone socket 2.5mm thin and will solve problem for next few year.

Plan B. They will remove existing socket and no add any new socket special for headphones. Use for this purpose lightning connector and thats good deal for Apple.

So, what Apple will do? I’ll bet they remove all special audio connectors from upcoming iPhone and will use lightning connector for headphones. Best choise for all of us.

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