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Apple Now Developing User To User Payment System

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This upcoming user to user payment system from Apple may bust some transaction operators like VISA or MasterCard.

Apple Pay / © Google Image

According to some sources Apple now working under new payment system main function of this – user to user payments without processing dealers like VISA or MasterCard.

Apple is now talking with some banks about this user to user payment system that would allow iPhone users to send money to another iPhone user. And have a great chance that Apple will attempt to bypass VISA and MasterCard in the process and working directly with banks on this project.

So, if Apple has discussed the money-transfer product with the country’s largest banks should big credit card companies be afraid this move? We’ll know answer in near future.

We must keep in mind simple fact: Apple largest technologies company with huge fan community which support almost all company ideas. Besides, Apple have tons of cash and this little hint helps made absolutley all in business.

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