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Alphabet Holding Now Own Whole Google Business

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In simple words - Google changed own corporate structure and now going in new holding company - Alphabet.

Alphabet /©

New holding structure are absolutely necessary shift and this is not a whim of Google bosses.

The main difference between new structure and old is in what is now independent investors can invest their money not impersonal company Google and invest only in those areas that interest them.

For example. If in the past you would like to invest in the automotive Google’s business you would have to buy shares in the whole Google company. Now, after all the side business will be allocated from Google and enter the Alphabet, you can choose the company in which to invest according to your interests.

Interesting. Also Google spokesman told that all company including in Alphabet holding will have own brand and corporate culture but Google still stay the biggest and min part of Alphabet.

Good move and great choice for future investors, you know.

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