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13 Sandwich Recipes from all over the World in One Video

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This short video is full of joy and flavour: 13 easy sandwich recipes will make your day.

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Sandwiches are eternal. You can say anything about it, you can listen all doctors, talking about cholesterin, extra weight and healthy lifestyle. But after all you go to the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich.

Once this is so unavoidable thing, let’s make it right! Food, People, Places will help you to do it. They collected the most popular sandwich recipes from all over the world in one video. Here we have American, Australian, Italian, South African sandwiches and even Polish Zapiekanka. The full list is here:

  • The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli from Australia
  • The Gatsby Sandwich from South Africa
  • The Cucumber Sandwich from Great Britain
  • The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich from North America
  • The Danish Smorrebrod
  • The Italian Panini
  • The French Croque Monsieur
  • The Turkish (or German) Döner Kebap
  • The Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich
  • The American Sloppy Joe
  • The South American Choripan
  • The Polish Zapiekanka
  • The Toast Hawaii from Germany

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